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Emma Watson - Recent Uncensored Leaked Photos Of Celebrities From Apple iCloud Hack 2014
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icloud leak photos of celebrities
Celebrity Photo Leak from iCloud – FBI & Apple Investigating

Security breaches are not good for anyone and Apple has had more than its fair share just recently. The latest one is alleged to come via iCloud, a place where people should be able to store data, files and photos in security. Update [08 Oct 2014] : More iCloud leaks coming in as 4th set of celebrity images leaked. Detailed article from us is here .

Image : iCloud Hack makes Celebrities Private Photos Stolen


A number of celebrities, including April Lavigne, Mary Winstead, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence have made complaints that photos and videos of themselves undressing have appeared on the internet. It appeared that the leaked media was stolen from iCloud accounts that had been hacked, although there isn’t any real proof of that. At least one victim has confirmed that the images are genuine and that they had actually been deleted from their accounts some time ago.

This does raise the question of where deleted data is stored, given that is no longer on your account and should not be available for anyone to see. At this stage, while some clarity on the situation is ought, it is best to ensure that your accounts are properly password protected and, if you have two-step verification, make sure it is enabled.

Update : List of Hacked Celebrities

jennifer-lawrence-kate-upton-icloud-hack list

It seems the hack came via a Python Script that appeared a couple of days ago on GitHub. It attacked a hole in the Find My iPhone service in iCloud, which resulted in the leak. The attack allowed users to Brute Force passwords of iCloud accounts which means repeated guesses at a password are made by a malicious script until the correct one is found.

This isn’t the first time that Find My iPhone has been the target of hackers – a previous attempt left users with locked iPhones and iPads and a ransom demand to get them unlocked.

The FBI are now involved although they have not announced what actions they are taking in their investigation. Apple is also now looking into iCloud security and has patched the vulnerability that was used.

Image : Apple patched the vulnerability but loss has already been done

apple icloud hack fix

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Could Apple be blamed for celebrities photo leak from iCloud and why?

Yes, they absolutely can be blamed for what happened. If you are storing data of any kind you have an ethical responsible to inform the individual that their data is not secure and that you take no responsibility for leakage. This should be made clear in the really least by a pop up message and not somewhere hidden in the terms and conditions. If they fail to do this and a hack happens then we should treat it as if they promised us secretary while accepting to be held liable to the consequences of a security breach and failed on that promise.

What companies like Apple and Dropbox do is they choose profits over ethics. They are too aware that an informed customer will not choose them and therefore try to keep their customers ignorant. It is like trying to promote a soya soup product that has meat in it to vegetations in hope that they are too ignorant to notice.

So to answer your 'Why' simple: If we do not blame them we do not hold them accountable for their actions and if we don't hold them accountable we are creating an environment where businesses will act unethically to gain extra profit.

ICloud leaks of celebrity photos

The images were obtained via the online storage offered by Apple's iCloud platform for automatically backing up photos from iOS devices, such as iPhones.[10] Apple later reported that the victims' iCloud account information was obtained using "a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions", such as phishing and brute-force guessing.[6][7][11] It was initially believed that the images were obtained using an exploit in the Find My iPhone service.[10] Court documents from 2014 indicated that one user created a fake email account called "appleprivacysecurity" to ask celebrities for security information.[12] The photos were being passed around privately for at least a couple of weeks before their public release on August 31. There are claims that unreleased photos and videos exist.[13] The Daily Mail cited anonymous posters from 4chan and Deadspin who stated that a ring of hackers, traders, and sellers had been operating for months leading up to the mass release.[3]

The hacker responsible for the leak, who described themselves as being a "collector", distributed the leaked images on the image boards 4chan and Anon-IB in exchange for Bitcoin.[14][15] Ultimately, the images were widely circulated online via other channels, including Imgur and Tumblr. Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton also re-posted some of the photos on his blog, but soon took them down and issued an apology, saying "he had acted in bad taste".[16][17]

A major center of activity was the link-sharing website Reddit,[18] where a subreddit was created for sharing the photos;[19] in a single day, it amassed over 100,000 followers. Reddit administrators were criticized for allowing this to take place in an alleged violation of their anti-doxing rules.[20][21] As McKayla Maroney claimed to be under 18 at the time the photos of her were taken, Reddit staff took photos of her down and warned that anyone re-posting them, or underage photos of Liz Lee which had been circulating prior to this incident, would be permanently banned from the site and could be prosecuted for distributing child pornography.[22] On September 7, citing copyright issues, Reddit banned its "TheFappening" subreddit,[19][23] also saying the workload of dealing with them had become too much.[24] Reddit banned another subreddit named "Fappening" on the same day.[23]

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