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CELEBRITY PHOTO HACK Who is behind the attack that exposed A-listers most private messages? Jennifer Lawrence pictured here on Nov 17 was one of several victims of the icloud hack Beginning in late August an anonymous 4chan user began posting hundreds of never-before-seen private photos of celebrities that were stolen from their hacked iCloud accounts The victims were mostly female and high-profile Jennifer Lawrence Scarlet Johansson Kim Kardashian Kate Upton and McKayla Maroney are just a few women whose accounts were compromised Apple confirmed the hackers had obtained the images by means of a targeted attack though we still don't know who or how many hackers was involved The FBI said it was looking into the case RT @CONSPlRACY_FACT CELEBRITY PHOTO HACK Meme


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celebrities photos from icloud
Massive Celebrity photo leak attributed to vulnerability in Apples iCloud service


On Sunday evening, a hacker posted photographs to 4Chan, which showed dozens ofcelebrities in compromising positions.

The Next Web is now reporting thatthe massive celebrity photo leak could have been due to a security breach in Apples iCloud service.

The hacker seems to have used a brute force attackto gain access to the celebritysApple ID account.In a brute force attack, the malicious could use a scriptto repeatedly guess the password till it discovers the correct one. The brute force method are usuallysuccessful in cases where the victimhas used a weakpassword.

Earlier today, a hackerposted aPython script called iBruteon GitHub, which allows malicious users to brute force a target accounts password on Apples iCloud. It is not clear if the same script was used for the security breach.

The vulnerability allegedly discoveredin the Find my iPhone service appears to have allowed attackers to use this method to guess passwords repeatedly without any sort of lockout or alert to the target. Once the password has been eventually matched, the attacker can then use it to access other iCloud functions freely.

Ideally, the service should have disabled the account temporarily when the wrong password wasentered repeatedly to protect the victims account, but it looks likeApple wasnt doing it forthe Find my iPhone service.Apple appearsto have patched the vulnerabilityat 3:20 am PT, as The Next Web reports that it is now locking the account after five unsuccessful attempts. Thehacker of iBrute has also confirmed that Apple has patched the vulnerability.

Apple is yet to comment on the incident. It again highlights the importanceof usinga strong password for your online accounts, and enable two-step authentication for services like iCloud that offer it, to avoid such incidents.


Apple has issued a statement to Re/code that is actively investigating the celebrity photo hack.

[via The Next Web]

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iCloud Data Breach: Hacking And Celebrity Photos

A few days ago a group calling themselves hackappcom posted a proof of concept script on the popular code repository called Github that would allow for a user to attempt to breach iCloud and access a user account. This script would query iCloud services via the Find My iPhone API to guess username and password combinations. The problem here was that apparently Apple was not limiting the number of queries. This allowed for attackers to have numerous chances to guess password combinations without the fear of being locked out.

This script was an output from a talk that was given by Andrey Belenko and Alexey Troshichev called, iCloud Keychain and iOS 7 Data Protectionat the Russian Defcon Group DCG#7812. Based on the note that they postedafter the news of the breach started to circulate, they were rather upset that their script was being used to a malicious end.

In justification I can only mention, that we only described the way HOW to hack AppleID. Stealing private "hot" data is outside of our scope of interests. We discuss such methods of hacks in our's narrow range, just to identify all the ways how privacy can by abused.

For everyone, who was involved in this incident, I want to remind, that today we are living in Brave New Global World, when privacy protection wasn't ever so weak, and you have to consider, that all you data from "smart" devices could be accessible from internet,which is the place of anarchy, and, as result, could be source of undesirable and unfriendly activity.

The law of unintended consequences at its finest.

As a result, some ne'er do wells accessed the accounts of some Hollywood actors and leaked their personal pictures online. So, why were these pictures in iCloud? For those of you who may be unaware, iCloud is a service that is offered by Apple to backup data from a users iThinger of choice. This service could allow a person to backup their email, contacts, calendars, notes, passbook, keychain and photos to name a few. In the case of a large group of celebrities their data was breached when attackers gained access to their accounts. An unfortunate outcome to say the least.

I nervously checked the settings on my iPhone after news of this incident broke only to find that no, I was not using the service. No nude photos of me. Trust me, that's a blessing.

While this incident has unfortunate ramifications for the victims it has been a great wake up call for others thanks to the huge amount of press coverage. This is an excellent opportunity for people to clean up their password practices and improve their personal security posture. So, how does one avoid this sort of problem? Well, there are few things that you can do to help to potentially avoid this type of end result. First off you can enable two factor authenticationon your iCloud account. Once this is enabled a user would receive a four digit SMS message with a code to input in addition to their password. This way, if a password is compromised the attacker would still need an SMS code to gain access to the user account.

A second thing to keep in mind is the use of a strong password. Using one such as password1 is simply inviting disaster. Youd be better served using a password such as hGYcq6QE6agG8[N&j+a. or better still, a pass phrase.

The last piece to take into account is making use of a password manager. This is a piece of software that can manage your passwords for you securely. There are excellent products out there that can do this for you such as 1Passwordfrom Agilebits, Keepassand Lastpassto name a few.

It is early in the investigation into this breach but, [entity display="Apple" type="organization" subtype="company" key="apple" ticker="AAPL" exchange="NASDAQ" natural_id="fred/company/280" active="false"]Apple[/entity]managed to quickly patch the exposure. Hopefully, the worst is over for the affected parties.

(Image used under CC from PinkMoose)

iCloud Leaks of Celebrity Photos and Another Similar Event

Apple often talks about things that only it can do due to its unparalleled combination of software, hardware, and services. However, iCloud leaks of celebrity photos as well as some recent related issues make it pretty clear that iCloud is one of the biggest challenges that the tech giant is still facing.


On 31stAugust, 2014, numerous private and nude photos of various female Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande, were leaked and posted on imageboard 4chan and later distributed on other websites. The photos were obtained from iCloud accounts of celebrities and this leak is considered as one of the biggest celebrity leaks in the history.


The Influence of This Issue

Since the iCloud celebrity photos leak scandal, users faith in iClouds security has significantly diminished. The biggest celebrity photo leak in the history was caused by targeted phishing attacks by hackers. By doing so, they were able to break into celebrities iCloud accounts and leak the information stored on them.


Since the leak, iCloud users have been reminded time and time again to be attentive and careful to received emails, letters, etc. The fact that iCloud users are still reminded to be careful shows that famous or not, users are not safe and hackers can still steal their personal information and cause problems. Hence, certain precautions are necessary.

What's the Response of Apple?

In response to the iCloud celebrity photo leaks, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook stated in an interview that the company has planned to take additional steps in order to protect the security and privacy of iCloud users in the future. According to him, notifications will be displayed every time a user is logged into iCloud via a web browser as well as whenever data is restored to a device via iCloud. Furthermore, he said that Apple will encourage the use of two-factor authentication in future versions of its operating systems and software.

Another Event Similar to iCloud Leak of Celebrity Photos

Recently, another serious incident similar to iCloud celebrity photos leak has happened. iCloud account of a user with a surname Qin was allegedly hacked by an Apple employee after the two got into an argument.

The argument didnt end there however. According to Qin, the Apple employee called him back later that night and told Qin to check his three email accounts linked to iCloud. In those emails, that same employee asked Qin to add him on messaging app QQ and said that if didnt add him within an hour then he would leak his personal information stored on his iCloud account. The employee told him that he had used his position to copy Qins personal information.

Although Qin added that Apple employee on QQ, but the friend request never got accepted. It is still unclear how Qins iCloud account was hacked or how the employee obtained his email addresses. This entire incident has iCloud users feeling upset and frightened.

How to Avoid Privacy Leak on iPhone/iPad?

Protecting your privacy should be one of your top concerns when using online services like iCloud. The consequences of a privacy leak are devastating. Thats why it is recommended that you take necessary measures to avoid it. iMyFone Umate Pro is an iPhone data eraser software that you can use to ensure maximum privacy protection. By using its advanced features, you can erase your private and sensitive information from your iDevice and have peace of mind knowing that no one will be able to recover it.

Following are some features of this software:

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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  • Umate Pro erases data permanently so that no recovery software can recover it.
  • All types of data on your iDevice can be permanently erased via this tool, including data from third-party apps.
  • You can erase all your iDevices data by following simple steps in Erase All Data mode.
  • Erase Deleted Files mode of Umate Pro allows you to permanently erase your already deleted files.
  • Erase Private Data mode is helpful in permanently erasing your private and sensitive information from your iDevice.

Try It FreeTry It Free

A great amount of professional software review sites recommend iMyFone Umate Pro to protect privacy, includingMacWorld,iPhoneinCanada,APPKED, etc.

Steps to Use Erase Private Data Mode of Umate Pro

Step 1. Connect your iDevice to your PC and launch Umate Pro.

Step 2. From the softwares interface, click on Erase Private Data mode and then click the Scan button.

scan your private data

Step 3. Once your private files are displayed after scanning, make your desired selections and then click Erase Now button.

preview and select private data

preview and select private data

Step 4. Now you will need to select the Security Level of deletion. Choose from Low, Medium, and High and then click OK.

select security level to erase private data

Step 5. Type delete in the provided textbox and then click the Erase Now button. Your selected private data will now start erasing.

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