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Mariah Carey naked in bathtub

The Fantasy singer and entertainment icon is making all of our fantasies come true! MMMHMMM, the Mariah Carey nude iCloud pics have been leaked, giving her millions of fans some tasty treats. Apparently this voluptuous honey enjoys taking provocative selfies

icloud hacked photos of celebrities
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iCloud Hack Sees Celebrities Have Their Private Photos Stolen, Posted Online

Big breaches of security are never fun, but when youre the provider of cloud storage that holds all kinds of personal data, things can get particularly hairy when someone finds a way through. Thats the situation Apple finds itself in today, or at least, thats the claim.

If youve ventured anywhere near the internet over the last 12 hours then youre no doubt already aware that various celebrities have fallen foul of what some are claiming is a hack aimed squarely at Apples iCloud. The result, it seems, is a collection of photos and apparently videos showing said celebrities in various states of undress managing to find their way into the public domain.

iCloud hacked main

Coming courtesy of the notorious 4chan message boards, the media was apparently stolen from hacked iCloud accounts, although as yet there has been no proof of such a thing and Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment. At least one of the celebrities involved has confirmed that the photos stolen that depict her are in fact real, and that they were believed to be deleted a long time ago.

That begs the obvious question: when are photos really deleted, given the fact theyre automatically being uploaded to iCloud, Dropbox or whatever cloud storage provider you happen to frequent? With versioning and the like, are they ever actually deleted at all?

Regardless of the technical angle here, its worth remembering that lots of young ladies had their privacy invaded here, and no matter the wisdom of taking compromising photos in the first place, nobody deserves to have them stolen and displayed for all to see.

Those who are affected here include the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Avril Lavigne, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead,

At this point its worth making sure all your online storage passwords are strong ones and that you have two-step verificationturned in wherever possible.

Stay safe, folks.

Update x1: Reports now suggest that a Python script released on GitHub about two days ago made use of a vulnerability in iClouds Find My iPhone service which resulted in this massive leak. The script allowed hackers to brute force passwords of a targets iCloud account.


It seems like this vulnerability has now been patched by Apple, as has been noted by the owner of the tool at 3am PT today.


It is important to note that there is still no concrete evidence that the leak was caused by this iCloud vulnerability. Apple has so far refused to comment on this matter.

(Source: TheNextWeb)

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Possible iCloud accounts hacking: Nude Photos of 98 Hollywood Celebrities leaked online


An unknown hacker has hacked and leaked nude pictures of 100+ high profile Hollywood celebrities on Sunday. The nude photos are available on4chans /b/ board.

Many of the affected celebrities have confirmed the authenticity of leaked pictures where some call it fake and some have accepted that the leaked images are real.

Security experts are warning that there could be many more compromised celebrity iCloud accounts after examining file data from pictures stolen from stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.


List of celebrities who have been hacked and their nude pictures leaked:


Staying Safe And How To Disable Apple iCloud:

WARNING: Be sure to have your photos saved on your PC (if you wish) before you do this.

  • Go to the settings menu on your iPhone or iPad (System Preference on Mac OS)
  • Open the iCloud category
  • Switch off Photostream (which automatically uploads photos to iCloud)
  • Repeat this on all your Apple devices

The hacker on 4chan is also claiming to have explicit videos of Lawrenceand claims to have over 60 nude selfies of the Oscar-winning actress.

Not all of the pictures are nude included among them are selfies of the starlet in bathing suits.


Source: BuzzFeed.

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